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At SDI, we constantly monitor patient trends and look to seek out the opinions of dental professionals to make sure we are answering the needs of both. Take a closer look at our recent articles and case studies to find out why choice, effectiveness and ease of use are so high on our priority list.

SDI LunaArticles
March 3, 2021

It’s time to try SDI Luna

A universal nanohybrid composite that acts and looks like natural teeth When a tooth is compromised and its natural defence of enamel and dentin has broken down, it needs a composite restoration which acts and…
SDI Luna - best product by Dental Product ShopperArticles
February 24, 2021

Discover Luna – superior strength, superior aesthetics

First published in Dental Product Shopper, US dentists evaluate SDI Luna, the latest nanohybrid composite with excellent aesthetics and strength ideally suited for anterior and posterior restorations alike. Whether it’s a universal or flowable, a…
composite restorations light cure imageArticles
March 12, 2019

Using layering techniques and lasers to create natural-looking composite restorations

Dan Ward demonstrates how to create natural composite restorations using different layering techniques, materials, and an erbium YAG laser.   Improved materials and instruments help us to produce restorations that are natural looking. Composite systems…
aura case study on colour matching and aestheticsArticles
March 12, 2019

Exceptional aesthetics with a unique colour matching system

aura Case Study - Dr Clarence Tam, Tam Dental Group, Auckland, New Zealand This 72-year-old male patient’s restoration on 35DO suffered marginal failure and recurrent caries.   Diagnosis and treatment plan The wide-box Class II…